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Old 23rd November 2012, 05:20 PM   #1
Chaos Rush
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Chaos Rush
Default Pokémon DarkViolet

There’s no fancy presentation, deal with it.

Hack of: Pokémon FireRed

This hack is a remake of the very first Pokémon games, Pokémon Red & Green. This is how I would remake them, and it’s totally different from FireRed & LeafGreen. This will be a Kanto adventure you’ve never experienced, and it will be totally modernized, and fun. This is my reboot of Pokémon, think of it as a new Generation I. This isn’t a Gen III hack, this isn’t a Gen IV/V wannabe hack, this is Chaos Rush’s Generation I game.

STORY: This world is inhabited far and wide by creatures called Pokémon. For some people, Pokémon are pets. Others use them for battling. There are numerous mysteries surrounding them, and they are a popular subject of research. Either way, humans live in harmony with Pokémon, and they have done so for ages.

Meanwhile, three teenagers, two from Pallet Town and one from Viridian City, decide to travel through the Kanto region to collect eight badges of Kanto, and to take on the Pokémon League Challenge. The names of the teens are Red, Green, and Blue, and they each have received a Pokémon from Professor Oak. They have no idea what awaits them, such as an increasingly threatening crime organization known as Team Rocket. The three of them will meet many people on their journey, some helpful, such as Blue’s older sister Daisy. They will also meet Kamon, a younger boy who claims to despise Team Rocket, and is always right on their tail. What are Kamon’s motives? Or more importantly, what are Team Rocket’s motives?

*210 Pokémon available
*All 210 Pokémon will have sprites from my DS-style 64x64 Sprite Project
*113 new moves added. Over half of them are Gen IV moves, a few Gen V moves, and a few custom moves. No old moves were replaced, thus there is now a total of 467 moves.
*A few old moves have new animations
*Physical/Special split
*Important characters have their own battle theme
*Lots of redone music
*All 210 Pokemon have their moveset redone (new movesets are based closely off of B2/W2 movesets)
*Entire game re-scripted & re-mapped from scratch
*And much more…

R/S/E-ified features:
*R/S/E style graphics (yes I'm serious)
*Removal of the stupid flashback feature to make it more like R/S/E
*Removal of first-person view artwork to make it more like R/S/E (and every single Pokémon game that's not FR/LG or HG/SS)
*You actually face the trainer when another trainer walks up to you
*Removal of colored-text based on gender

1. Brock
2. Misty
3. Lt. Surge
4. Erika
5. ??? (not Giovanni)
6. Koga
7. Sabrina
8. Blaine

Name: Red
Age: 16
Info: A teen from Pallet Town who has decided he wants to take on the Pokémon League Challenge. Along with Green and Blue, he receives a Pokémon from Professor Oak, and sets off on his Kanto journey.

Name: Green
Age: 16
Info: A teen from Viridian City who has decided she wants to take on the Pokémon League Challenge. Along with Red and Blue, she receives a Pokémon from Professor Oak, and sets off on her Kanto journey.

Name: Blue
Age: 16
Info: A teen from Pallet Town who has decided he wants to take on the Pokémon League Challenge. Along with Red and Green, he receives a Pokémon from Professor Oak, and sets off on his Kanto journey.

Name: Daisy
Age: 20
Info: A young adult who supports Red, Green, and Blue throughout their journey. She is Blue’s older sister. She leaves home with her younger brother Blue, but while Blue is collecting Kanto Gym Badges, Daisy has other important business.

Name: Kamon
Age: 13
Info: A mysterious boy that Red, Green, and Blue encounter several times. He claims to hate Team Rocket, and says he will destroy them once and for all, along with anyone who gets in his way. He is always seen with Team Rocket, presumably because he is following them. Or is he? He is very mysterious, claiming to hate Team Rocket, and to hate the weak. He clearly has a motive for destroying Team Rocket, as his hate towards them had to develop somewhere. What are his motives?

Name: Giovanni
Age: ???
Info: It’s no secret that he has a high standing in Team Rocket. He is indeed the leader of Team Rocket. He claims that Team Rocket is a “Pokémon Research Organization”, hence why Team Rocket is always committing crimes for money, since research is supposedly expensive. Anyone with a brain can suspect that he has other reasons for collecting money. However, there is actually some truth to his claims. He is indeed researching something, and he does have scientists working for him, and the research is indeed expensive. But what is he researching?

Name: Mr. Fuji
Age: ???
Info: The Champion of Kanto who has announced his plans for retirement, due to his old age. Red, Green, and Blue encounter him during their journey, and he has valuable information regarding Team Rocket’s plans.

Q: Why is Giovanni no longer a Gym Leader? Is he still in the game?
A: You will be able to re-battle Gym Leaders. If Giovanni was a Gym Leader, he would not be able to be re-battled due to the plot. However, he is still in the game, in fact, he is basically the main antagonist.

Q: Who is the new Gym Leader?
A: I want it to be a surprise. But here’s a hint: It is a character that has appeared in all games that Kanto has appeared in. This character is somewhat of a minor character in R/G/B/Y, G/S/C, FR/LG, and HG/SS, but in DarkViolet, this character will play a more prominent role, appearing several times during the story, and as a Gym Leader in Pokémon DarkViolet.

Q: Who is Kamon?
A: Kamon is Giovanni’s son. Yes, he is basically the rival from G/S/C/HG/SS. He will be appearing several times in Pokémon DarkViolet, and you will get to battle him several times as well.

Q: There are 210 Pokémon in DarkViolet’s Kanto Dex. Aren’t there only 151 Pokémon in Generation I? What Pokémon have you added?
A: Pokémon from the first four Generations are available. Most of the added Pokémon are related to Generation I Pokémon. This means you can evolve your Golbat into Crobat. ALL Pokémon that are related to Generation I Pokémon by evolution are available, such as Crobat, Blissey, Politoed, Magmortar, Electivire, Magmortar, all Eevee evolutions, etc. There are a couple evolutionary families not related to Generation I Pokémon in any way.

Q: Will there be any Pokémon available besides the 210 in the Kanto Dex?
A: Nope, sorry. The only Pokémon available are the 210 Pokémon in the Kanto Dex. After all, the Generation I games only had 151 Pokémon. Think of this hack as a new Generation I.

Q: Why did you remove the text-color feature?
A: In the Japanese FR/LG, every NPC spoke in plain black text regardless of gender. The blue/red text thing was only in the international releases of FR/LG, and it was never used in any game again, ever. I think it's pointless, and if I were to make a Pokémon game from scratch, I would not include that feature, therefore, I have taken it out of my FireRed ROM.

Q: Why is this hack called DarkViolet?
A: Because Mewtwo is the mascot. And Mewtwo is, his tail is arguably dark-violet. :P

Q: Isn't the girl's name supposed to be Leaf?
A: I don't care. She will be Green. I mean, if the dude's official name is Red, and the rival's official name is Blue, then the most logical name to call the girl would be Green. Not freaking "Leaf". Also, Green was meant to appear in the 1st Generation Pokemon games. Here's beta artwork of her from Gen I, and here's more beta artwork of her. Now...pretend you've never heard of the phrase, "Pokémon LeafGreen Version". Or just pretend you're in the year 1998. If you saw that girl, and you knew that the guy's name is Red, and the rival's name is Blue, what would you think the girl's name would be? Green, duh.

All Evolution Changes:
Graveler --Friendship----> Golem
Machoke --Friendship----> Machamp
Onix --Metal Stone---> Steelix
Magneton --Metal Stone---> Magnezone
Haunter --Friendship----> Gengar
Poliwhirl --Royal Stone---> Politoed
Kadabra --Friendship----> Alakazam
Slowpoke --Royal Stone---> Slowking
Eevee --Ask Bill for his special pendant---> --Sun Rock------> Espeon
Eevee --Ask Bill for his special pendant---> --Moon Rock-----> Umbreon
Eevee --Ask Bill for his special pendant---> --Moss Rock-----> Leafeon
Eevee --Ask Bill for his special pendant---> --Ice Rock------> Glaceon
Mime Jr. --Lv18----------> Mr. Mime
Porygon --PoryDisc------> Porygon2
Porygon2 --PoryDisc2.0---> Porygon-Z
Magmar --Omega Stone---> Magmortar
Scyther --Metal Stone---> Scizor
Electabuzz --Omega Stone---> Electivire
Tangela --Lv40----------> Tangrowth
Rhydon --Omega Stone---> Rhyperior
Seadra --Omega Stone---> Kingdra
Lickitung --Lv40----------> Lickilicky
Feebas --Royal Stone---> Milotic
Happiny --Royal Stone---> Chansey


-Every person that made the various tools I used
-Jambo51, for his ASM code for the Trainer Battle facing fix, for telling me how to extend the available Direct Sound tracks, and some other stuff
-Mastermind_X, for his music variable hack
-DoesntKnowHowToPlay, for his Physical/Special split hack, also for the No Guard ability ASM code
-Gamer2020, for making PGE, which made the process of adding new moves significantly easier
-giradialkia, for being there with this project since the very beginning during my previous incarnations of this, and also for composing Giovanni's battle theme
-NintendoBoyDX, for helping me port the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald tile system over to FireRed
-metalflygon08, for suggesting the renaming of the custom move "Water Drain" to "Osmosis"
-Darthatron, for his tutorial on porting the Black 2/White 2 repel system to FireRed
-diegoisawesome, for fixing the "Presents" graphic in the intro
-MrDollSteak, major contributor to the 64x64 DS-Style Pokémon Sprite Resource, and also for implementing some Pokémon abilities from Gen IV and V, and for some revised attack animations
-karatekid552, for the evolution slot expansion, enabling Eevee to have seven different evolutions

Pokédex/Evolution Guide:

Known Bugs/Glitches:
*When doing an action (such as right before Surf/Fly/Cut, etc.) in the overworld, if you're standing at a place where your reflection is visible, the sprite's reflection will glitch up. This is because I expanded the action sprite to the size that it is in RSE for style continuity, and I'm assuming the reflection still assumes its the original size. I don't know how to fix it other than change the size back to what it was in FireRed, meaning the sprite would look kinda crammed/squished should I do that.

*During a battle if the user and opponent both have Motor Drive as their ability, when the ability activates it will only reference the user's name. While technically a bug, the only Pokémon in the game that has Motor Drive is Electivire, and no one in Beta 2 has an Electivire, so idk why I'm even pointing this out because there's no way to actually experience this glitch in Beta 2 lol

*U-turn and Volt Switch produces some weird results if you only have one Pokémon

ROM dump that the patch is based on: 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels)

(1/26/14) Beta 2.1: NEWEST
Make sure you patch to the same ROM dump that I have.

Older releases:
(1/22/14) Beta 2.0
(10/28/13) Beta 1.1
(10/5/13) Beta 1.0
(5/27/13) Alpha 2.2
(5/26/13) Alpha 2.1
(5/26/13) Alpha 2.0
(1/6/13) Alpha 1.0

Length of latest release: Up to & including Silph Co. & Sabrina
Next planned release: Full game

Beta 2.1
- Eggs now hatch faster if you have a Pokémon with Magma Armor or Flame Body in your party (credit to HackMew)
- Quick Claw freeze glitch fixed (credit to MrDollSteak)
- Sucker Punch fixed (credit to MrDollSteak)
- Poison Heal fixed (credit to MrDollSteak)
- the tall grass now has R/S/E's animation rather than FireRed's
- new palette for Viridian Forest
- missing footprints added
- Vulpix and Ninetales can no longer have Drought because it's too OP and dumb. If you already caught a Vulpix/Ninetales with Drought, it will revert to Flash Fire.
- Eevee now has Adaptability (I accidentally gave it Chrlorophyll in 2.0 for some reason)
- the flag for HM03 has been fixed, so for the people who weren't able to get Surf because they went to Saffron Gym first, you can get Surf now
- NPC in Mr. Fuji's house now has the correct dialogue
- Music continuation glitch after S.S. Anne event has been fixed
- Reckless, Sheer Force, Iron Fist, Overcoat, and Bullet Proof are now properly implemented
- move descriptions corrected
- other minor things


Beta 1.1
-Issues when teleporting to the wrong place has been fixed
-After using Disable, glitchy text won't appear anymore
-Movement permission error in Viridian Forest fixed
-The guy who got robbed in Cerulean now has correct dialogue after you beat the Rocket Grunt
-The cut tree by the Hiker on Route 10 no longer freezes the game
-Rocket Grunt script on Nugget Bridge no longer repeats (Note: You will have to fight him one more time if you already fought him, because I changed the variable that the script uses in order for it to work)
-TM03 has been changed back to Water Pulse
-Misty's Pokémon now use Water Pulse instead of Scald, so her Starmie isn't super OP anymore
-The TM lady in the Underground Market now sells Sandstorm
-Brain Freeze now has a new animation
-A couple typos fixed
-New Bicycle music, a remix made by me, with inspiration from Pokémon Origins
-The Charmander family now learns Dragonbreath instead of Draco Bullet/Dragon Rage
-Eevee can now evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon


Alpha 2.2
-"follow me" guy in Pewter City fixed
-Museum clerk freeze fixed
-All flags are re-adjusted accordingly when losing to Kamon in Pewter Museum, thus fixing all glitches related to it
-extremely minor dialogue change in Pewter Museum event
-when receiving the Old Amber from Brock, the correct Key Item fanfare now plays

Alpha 2.1
-fixed major glitch in Charmeleon's level-up moves



My note:
When you play this game, I kindly ask for you to forget about everything you know about Pokémon, and to play this game as if it were your first Pokémon game. I don't care about your nostalgia at all, so if you play this game thinking of Red/Blue and FireRed/LeafGreen, you will be disappointed (or pleasantly surprised? idk). Play this game as if you've never played a Pokémon game before, and this is just some new RPG that you're going to try out. If you play this game hoping it will make you feel nostalgic about the original games, then you will be very, very disappointed.

Also, if you identify as a "genwunner", then you should probably never, ever play this hack, ever. You have been warned

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Team Fail
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Team Fail Team Fail Team Fail

Nice to see your game returning once again. I remember the last iteration of it on the DS, but you're still doing the game really well. Your screens all look awesome as well! Best of luck!
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Let it go!
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I like the idea of the new moves

I wish you lots of luck in this hack and keep updating us~

Now that I have Frozen on Blu-ray and DVD, I have no life xD
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I really enjoy the moves and the sprites! Good luck and I wish I could help out, but I have no experience! Also, I really love the game's name!

Good luck,
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Chaos Rush
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Chaos Rush

Thanks to Jambo51, I'm no longer limited to 5 DirectSound tracks. Abusing that ability, here is some of the new music that you will be hearing in this hack:

Route 24/25
Title Screen (it's just the R/S/E title screen music, but the key has been changed from F to G)
Pallet Town
Route 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/16/18/19/20/21/22
Rival Blue Battle
Rival Red/Green Battle

At first glance, the rival musics might sound exactly the same, but I've made a distinct difference towards the end to remind you of who you're actually battling.
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Chaos Rush
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Chaos Rush

Hello guys! This is a Pokémon Plaza exclusive release of Alpha 0.

This Alpha lets you play up to the end of Route 1 (its short because its an Alpha). The reason why I won't be releasing this alpha at Pok?Community is because in past versions of DarkViolet, Alpha's that I've released in the past always go up to just Route 1, so I don't want to repeat myself.

You might notice that several minor details have changed since the screenshots I've posted - the screenshots are outdated.

The actual Beta release will go up to & include Viridian Forest, but that won't be for a while.

Also, with this alpha, if you have the patience to train (or just speed up VBA 1000%, or just use cheats), you can see some of the new moves. Here are movesets of obtainable Pokemon in the alpha:

1 Tackle
3 Growl
7 Leech Seed
9 Vine Whip
13 Poisonpowder
13 Sleep Powder
15 Take Down
19 Razor Leaf
21 Sweet Scent
25 Growth
27 Double-Edge
31 Sludge Wave
33 Synthesis
37 Seed Bomb

1 Scratch
1 Growl
7 Ember
10 Smokescreen
16 Dragon Rage
19 Scary Face
25 Fire Fang
28 Flame Burst
34 Slash
37 Flamethrower
43 Fire Spin
46 Inferno

1 Tackle
4 Tail Whip
7 Bubble
10 Withdraw
13 Water Gun
16 Bite
19 Rapid Spin
22 Protect
25 Water Pulse
28 Aqua Tail
31 Skull Bash
34 Iron Defense
37 Rain Dance
40 Hydro Pump

1 Tackle
5 Sand-Attack
9 Gust
13 Quick Attack
17 Whirlwind
21 Twister
25 Featherdance
29 Agility
33 Wing Attack
37 Roost
41 Mirror Move
45 Extremespeed
49 Air Slash
53 Hurricane

1 Tackle
1 Tail Whip
4 Quick Attack
7 Focus Energy
10 Bite
13 Pursuit
16 Hyper Fang
19 Thief
22 Crunch
25 Assurance
28 Super Fang
31 Double-Edge
34 Endeavor

So any feedback is appreciated! Patch this to a clean FireRed ROM:
~link removed because I released an official new alpha. The old one was an unofficial release~

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Let it go!
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I wanna try to get the move "Hurricane!"
Is that one hard to get?

Now that I have Frozen on Blu-ray and DVD, I have no life xD
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Chaos Rush
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Chaos Rush

Originally Posted by Fail Team View Post
I wanna try to get the move "Hurricane!"
Is that one hard to get?
No offense, but that's kind of a dumb question.

You are guaranteed to get Hurricane if you train a Pidgey to Lv53 (if you let it evolve, then you will have to train a bit more).

And Hurricane isn't a custom move, it's a move from Gen V.
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The Apha was fun but short ;D
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With the exception of the OW sprites (which is because I honestly hate the perspective on RSE style sprites), I love the aesthetic feel of this hack. I like the general look and feel of this reimagining of gen 1, and I'd be interested to see where this ends up going.
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darkviolet, GBA:, pokemon, pokmon, [GBA]

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