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Hack Ideas Have a new idea for a hack and want to share? Feel free to in here!

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Default Another one of those stupid ideas.

Hi there, I am the TepigOfLife.

I've been thinking about doing a rom hack myself, as I already got some concepts that I could put in, but due to my little-experience with programs and things like AdvanceMart not working, It seems like I might not be able too.

But hey, who knows?

I wanted to explain my idea today to see if anyone would be interested in it.

So, without further ado, I'll explain.


Pokemon Journeys (iguess) =

Story :
You are a 18 year old teenager in the new land of Pokecity, At first, you have been skeptical about the creatures of Pokemon, which led to you not going on a journey so young, but after a while, you start to realize that Pokemon are amazing creatures.

You learn that your 2 best friends Paul and Todd are going out on a group journey to get away from life and have some fun exploring, and decide its finally time to start your journey.

You find your dad at the workplace, and tell him about the news, His / her dad was delighted by this, as he always wanted his son / daughter to go on a journey since he / she was 5, Your dad asks you to go home, and he brings home 3 pokemon, Shinx, Aron and Poliwag, after this, you pick your starter and go on a amazing journey!

Pokemon :

For this, all Pokemon from each generation would be in, along with some fan-made evolution's to pre-existing Pokemon like Zangoose, Farfetch'd, Miltank, etc.

Concepts :

Now, I've had some ideas for some features to put in this, now, not all ideas are 100% official, just some concepts and such.

Pokemon Pet Store =
Ever wanted to buy a Pokemon with money?, now you can! The Pokemon Pet Store is here!, In the PPS, you will be able to buy Pokemon to add in your team, The Pokemon in the store are based off real Pet shops, for example, want a bird?, Buy a Fletchling or a Pidgey!, want a puppy?, Buy a Lillipup, want a tiny bug?, Buy a Ledyba!, You can also get some starter Pokemon like Froakie, Treecko, Tepig, and such more!, you can also buy food for the little guys, like Rare Candys, Protein, and all that grand stuff, Also, the farther you go, the more rare Pokemon appear in Pet stores, and the more it costs, so save your money folks!

Making Shiny's useful =
Shinys have basically been some collectible to put in your box in Pokemon and never use, but, In this, I am hoping to change that, Here are a few ideas on what to do with Shinys.

1 . Shiny Pokemon have doubled stats of the Pokemon it is, basically, If there's a Shiny Shinx, it will have x2 stats.

2 . Has more of a chance KOing a foe.

3 . TM / HM slave.

Either way would be good.

A new Safari Zone =
I love the Safari Zone, it was always useful to catch some players to be on my team and just throw innocent creatures in big balls.

I want to try and add on to this Safari Zone.

First off, I want to have more areas in the Safari Zone.

And basically, more Pokemon available to catch.

So, I am atleast hoping that each Safari Zone would have 12-14 Pokemon available to catch, but, that seems to much, so if this does have a end product, it might go lower.

Also, you can trade Pokemon you caught in the Safari Zone with others.

For example, lets say you caught a Magikarp, you talk to a fisherman guy who has a Horsea in his party that he would be willing to trade, If you accept, you now have a Horsea.

Simple as that.

Safari Zone area ideas would be...

Shadow Meadows (A dark and slightly creepy area, You can mostly find Dark and Ghost pokemon in it.)

Forest of Beauty (A happy area where Beauty is the top thing, You can find Vulpix, Buneary, Bellossom, Sylveon and other pokemon awaiting in it)

...I'll think of more later.

Gym Leaders
Now, remember those protagonists in previous Pokemon games?, Red?, Diamond?, you know, those guys.

Well, they will be the Gym leaders of the game.

Thats right, you will be fighting all the Trainer champions and rise to the top.

Each trainer will have Pokemon based on multiple media.

Like Red, who will have his team fully based on the Manga, so yeah, You fight previous world champions / previous protagonists, yadayada, But what about Rivals?

I kinda already stated it, Todd and Paul, while they are best buds, they can get really competitive with each other, But, they pretty much keep their cool and have fun together,
both Todd and Paul will battle you about 5 times in the game.

Todd's team is Sneasel (Evolves into Weavile), Bagon (Evolves into Shelgon and then Sal) Riolu (Evolves into Lucario in final battle), Chimchar (joins team in 2nd battle, evolves into Monferno in 3rd battle and evolves into Infernape in final battle.)

Paul's team is Sentret (Later evolves into Furret), Chespin (Turns into Quilladin), Ditto, Eevee (Later into a Leafeon), Zangoose (Later evolves into Zangoose evo idea).

Now, I got one last concept which I said already.

Evolutions to already existing Pokemon =
Have you ever felt that a Pokemon should have more evolutions?

Well, I have a few Pokemon that could have their own fan made evo's.

Now, you know the "Eeveelotions"?, What would happen if the Eevees got a 3rd evolution?

For example, Take a look at Flareon, if she had a 3rd evolution, she'd be taller, bigger fur, claws, etc.

I feel that'd be cool to add.

There is also Zangoose and Serviper, who are probably 2 of my personal favorites out of the 100 favorite Pokemon I have, but I always wanted them to have 2nd and 3rd evolution's.

So, yeah.


Okay, so that was all of my ideas.

If you have constructive criticism or want to help me on the project, that would be pretty darn swell.
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