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I trained my charizard he disobeyed xD
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I think that this post is ready to be moved into the ROM hack projects section.
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Moved to ROM Hack Projects~ <3

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Wow! A game with a female protagonist ! I love it already and I haven't even played it! ^.^
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I played through beta 2 a couple of days ago and was fairly impressed with the progress so far, and I'm definitely interested in seeing this hack continue to develop. I jotted down bug/error reports and ideas for improvement while playing, so I've got a whole stack of them now. I also mocked-up an alternate tomboy frontsprite and overworld sprite (though I personally played as the cute heroine) that you might like or take some inspiration from or whatever. Mostly I have lots of suggestions!

Note: the emulator I used was vba-m.

-Intro text: "The one where you live is a peaceful world" -> "The world where you live is a peaceful one"

-Game doesn't provide prompt to nickname Mareep when you receive it - the name rater in Sweetdrops Village is a decent stopgap solution (though putting him - or his twin brother - in Calmbreeze or Greeninville would be a better solution), but a nickname prompt should *really* also be included after you pick up Mareep from your friend's house. You should compare the code at that point with the code for obtaining Lapras (which *does* provide a nickname prompt). (This matters a lot for people like me who nickname every... single... pokemon. Not being able to nickname your starter hurts!)

-Greeninville sign: "Quiet village located into a peaceful green woodland." 'into' is awkward. Simply use 'in.' (Or perhaps "A quiet village nestled in a peaceful green woodland.")

-Calmbreeze sign: "A quiet village over a green hill." 'over' is an awkward word here - 'built on' is better. -> "A quiet village built on a green hill."

-Sweetdrops sign appears to be missing (perhaps "A quiet village filled with the aromas of fresh rain.")

-Some tvs make clicky noise when clicked, but no text box appears (right half of tv belonging to girl who was taking care of your mareep)

-"Dishes and plates are neatly lined up." is used as the description for both stovetops everywhere and for the cabinet in the house in Sweetdrops with the old man who wants a Quagsire. (Not sure if this is a mistake.)

-Two different sprites are used for the sink - one without a faucet (in Greeninville, e.g. in the heroine's house), and one with a faucet (in Sweetdrops, e.g. in the Name Rater's house). (This may be intentional. Maybe Greeninville is a backwards town without running water! ;P )

-Best friend battle dialogue: "Hey! You're going to frighten my Pokemon with this kind of attacks!" -> "Hey! You're going to frighten my Pokemon with those kind of attacks!" (grammatical error)

-Prof Ashley: "explain you everything in the morning" -> "explain everything to you in the morning" (less awkward sounding)

-Can't talk to best friend after getting pokeballs from prof (makes click noise, but she doesn't turn or speak); she should probably leave the room after you exit anyway (as she remains in her room, unclickable, even after she meets you in Woop Swamp).

-Music bugged out a few times times in Calmbreeze immediately after exiting pokecenter; not sure what caused it, but saving>exiting>reloading fixed it; also happened immediately after using pc on second floor of pokecenter.

-MAJOR BUG: *Consistent* loss of music after checking and exiting pokemon list in start menu after exiting any pokecenter (regardless of whether you actually heal or not, or use the pc or not). Checking&exiting the pokemon list while inside the pokecenter does NOT affect music, even after leaving pokecenter, but checking&exiting after leaving will still bug it out. Music can be fixed by saving, resetting, and reloading. Saving, resetting, and reloading *without* checking&exiting prevents the music from bugging out (just as it would have fixed it if the music was allowed to bug out). When loading earlier savestates after music bugs out, bugged-out music is retained.
NOTE: music does NOT bug out when your mum heals you.

-Pokedex map is unchanged (visually it is Kanto; Cleanwind Fields is Rt1, Calmbreeze is Viridian, Underhill Cave is Mt Moon, Woop Swamp is Rt2, and Chinchilla Woods is Viridian Forest).

-Ding sound does not play upon learning a new move by level-up (background music still temporarily quiets), nor by TM/HM.

-In start menu, "POKeMON" is still in all caps (unlike other options which are in pretty, easy-on-the-eyes titlecase) (may be intentional to make the party option stand out, though)
-Battle screen options (FIGHT, BAG, POKeMON, RUN) could also be de-caps-locked, unless INTENSITY is desired
(note: I *really* like how you made the attack options use title case (e.g. "Leech Seed") instead of all-caps ("LEECH SEED") as is default in FireRed. Likewise with most of the menu options. Looks much softer and nicer that way!)

-Lots of people and text boxes say "POKeMON" with caps. This is so common (and going to be such a pain to edit all the time) that it's probably not worth changing even if you want to, outside of specific cases like the start menu.

-Woman walking around Sweetdrops says "POKe BALLS" with caps.
-Old woman in house in Sweetdrops says "POKeDEX" with caps
-Name Rater says "NAME RATER" in caps
-There are probably capitalization oversights in pokecenters too, but I wanted to avoid the music bug, so I didn't recheck them while systematically cataloguing errors :/

-Town Maps on walls say "A TOWN MAP" and show the wrong location; location shown is even different for different houses in the same village (check the maps in the two houses in Sweetdrops). Town Maps are also probably messed up in pokecenters, but again I didn't enter them on the most recent errorcheck.

-An item in Underhill Cave clips through top of player sprite when standing on raised ledge one tile south of it (the potion near Hiker Marcos). [see attached image]

-Some trainer classes are improperly capitalized (e.g. in the hack: "Bug catcher" & "Super nerd" vs. intended "Bug Catcher" & "Super Nerd").

-After being defeated, Bug Catcher Robby (in Underhill Cave) says that you can rely on a Zubat if you catch one - but he doesn't have one on his team, so how would he know? (might be intentional - though you could still give him a Zubat anyway; Leech Life is more bug-like than most bug pokemon, after all!)

-GAME-BREAKING BUG: right after getting hm01 from your best friend, clicking on the cuttable tree ("This tree looks like it can be cut down!") and then on the berry tree to harvest pecha berries causes the cuttable tree to disappear during the text scroll (after "A berry tree!" and before "[Player] found one Pecha berry!"). not clicking on the cuttable tree lets it remain in place. this bug allows for some sequence breaking, as you don't need the badge-for-field-use-cut to get to Lapras in Underhill Cave. more importantly, doing this will also cause the player to be permanently trapped, as the cuttable tree DOES respawn when you exit the cave, and so you can't go back to get the badge. (note: this bug persists even when you have the ability to use cut in the field, but answer 'no' to 'would you like to use cut?' and then talk to the berry tree. but at least then it's not game-breaking.) [see attached images]

-Talking to Jigglypuff in Sweetdrops pokecenter cause field music to play instead of Jigglypuff's song.

-Tyler's trainer class is "Gymleader" when it should probably be "Gym Leader"

-After defeating Tyler, when talking to him he doesn't turn to face you (e.g. I fought him by facing south and talking to him, so he turned north - but after battle he was stuck facing north); exiting gym and reentering resets him to facing south, but he still doesn't turn to face you when talked to. Saving, exiting, and reloading has no effect. [see attached image]

-Berry tree in Chinchilla Woods is unclickable (doesn't even make click sound).

-Instead of a ledge, give Chinchilla Woods a cuttable tree, so that the path isn't one-way, and so that it can be used as a bypass of Underhill Cave if the player wants. (Although Chinchilla Woods appears unfinished anyway.)

-Team Xeno Grunt #3 "You still are on time to go away." Very awkward wording. Perhaps a simple "You still have time to go away." Better would be "You've still got time to get out of here, little girl." (A more direct retranslation would be "That's your cue to leave." - however, that doesn't really make sense for him to say after being beaten (it's what might be said after *he* wins.))

-Team Xeno Torturer "You ruined my experiment, but Team Xeno will get his revenge." group nouns in English don't use 'his' or 'her' even if they are composed of only one gender; -> "but Team Xeno will get its revenge" or "but the men of Team Xeno will get their revenge" - I know it's possible that the guy is being poetic-like by ascribing 'his' to Team Xeno, but even then it sounds like a grammar error instead of a characterization point (it also makes it sound like 'Team Xeno' is some guy's name, which is confusing - though if that's the case, then I guess this is simply foreshadowing).

Notes and Suggestions and Questions and Praise and Suchlike:

>I'm a fan of the remixed sprites. The cute-outfit backsprite also looks really good (there's a very *slight* offness to how static the hair-that-would-normally-be-covered-by-Leaf's-hat is, but it goes by so quickly that it doesn't matter. After all, she's also not actually holding a pokeball, but our brains don't notice that ;P ). I didn't try out the tomboy outfit because I too don't think it looks very tomboyish :/ ...and I also don't really like its overworld sprite. She looks like she's going to topple over or snap in two! (As an idea of how non-tomboyish it looks, I initially thought that the body was borrowed from a *Beauty's* frontsprite; although it doesn't quite match up with any. Obviously, Misty is tomboyish-but-sensitive in a way that would probably be a good half-fit/half-foil for the feel of the game, but I *don't* think the current 'tomboy' sprite represents that sort of character - no, it's not frilly dresses and suchlike, but instead it basically looks 'valley girl'-like; definitely not tomboyish.)

>I feel that Maylene's frontsprite would make for a pretty good basis for a tomboyish character, so I made an alternate frontsprite and south-facing overworld sprite based on her body with your tomboy's hair (obviously, would want to keep the same hair to retain the backspriting you may have done for it - at least the body is fairly simple to recolour in a backsprite, or these new sprites could be easily recoloured to more closely match the original palette); additionally, in the overworld sprite, I made sure to edit the hair to match your edit of the SwimmerF's hair. I did all this via the magic of MSPaint pixel art, so you'll have to import it yourself (and unfortunately I couldn't do north, west, or east sprites without more ripped sprites from the games, though if I had those facings then the other overworld sprites should be easy to whip up), but it's something; let me know what you think. (I made two options for the south-facing overworld sprite - the one on the left more clearly indicates a tank-top, whereas the one on the right ignores the tank top neck. (All the other stuff in those images is just to show intermediate steps and unused-but-relevant original sprites.)) This is a fairly strong take on the tomboy; creating something more like anime-Misty than this would probably be preferable (unfortunately, Misty's own in-game gen3+ frontsprites are bad for this), but it is at least an alternate take:
[see attached images] (they're made at normal in-game resolution, so enlarge them to see the actual pixel detail, of course)

>If my eyes are correct on the remixed frontsprites: the cute outfit is just an edit of the BW Lady trainer sprite; the 'tomboy' outfit uses an edited RS SwimmerF's head, but I don't recognize the body (it looks sort of like B2W2 Flannery?); the best friend is Mira's DPPt head and Marley's DPPt body (dress recoloured pink); Prof Ashley is Cheryl's DPPt head (hair recoloured blue), but I don't recognize the body (thought it might be FScientist, but nope, and Fennel (my other guess) doesn't even *have* a proper frontsprite).

>I like that the heroine isn't that into badge-collecting - she's not 'oh, a badge, I better earn it!', she's 'well, I guess I need to earn it to properly use this hm so that I can achieve my goals.' This could be used as a form of character growth with more go-getter-type dialogue from the heroine as she earns more and more badges, or it could be that she really does only continue the standard pokemon badgequest in order to facilitate her OWN goals (examples: Gym leader knows information crucial to her current quest, but they won't divulge it until she beats them; or: Team Xeno's leader convinces the Pokemon League to segregate into a Men's League and a Women's League (obviously just step 1 of a longer-term plan of deprecating the Women's League), and the heroine has to take on the Elite 4 all Brown-v-Board-&-Title-IX-style to change their minds. Not because she wants to be the best-like-no-one-ever-was, but because what's happening is wrong and she feels she has to do SOMETHING about it. That /sort/ of dynamic would be cool, regardless of the actual specific story points you're using. (Obviously the opening text scroll is a bit more ominous than my examples.)

>Also in that vein: More dialogue from the heroine. The little that is already in beta2 is alright (Woop Swamp bridge being the funniest, of course), but more vingettes like that would add a lot to the hack, and make it even more special. (They don't always have to involve dialogue, of course: the description of the girls' slumber party was short and narrated, but still very sweet.) Even just a little dialogue here and there can do wonders for characterization and attachment to the world.

>So I guess the heroine's best friend has always visited her, but the heroine has never visited her best friend? (Ashley says it's been a long time; best friend mentions it's the first time you've seen her room; heroine doesn't have battle experience so probably doesn't visit Calmbreeze often (frex, she's impled to have had her Mareep for a while but it's never levelled up = never battled; plus, best friend's battle dialogue indicates that the heroine has never fought before); plus, the best friend seems to act like this is the first time she's met the heroine's Mareep). There's an odd mix of 'she's my best friend and she lives close by' and 'I very rarely see her' going on.

>The slumber party definitely gives the heroine a good reason to actually leave town (that isn't the usual "trainer quest!"), though I feel like "I can't leave now! I've got to remember to bring my Mareep to show [best friend]! And besides: Mareep's fluffy fleece makes the perfect pillow!" would be a MUCH better in-character reason to stop the player from leaving Greeninville, rather than someone blocking the way by saying 'but thou must have a pokemon! monsters be there!' This would give the heroine more dialogue, would highlight the slumber party, and would give your Mareep a presence in the world before you pick it up. As a suggestion, this recommended dialogue should play when you exit your house (immediately after the Chapter 1 title appears), as well as if you try to leave the town early (that way, the player doesn't miss it if you *don't* try to leave town early).

>As an addendum to the above point: folks from Greeninville would still want to visit Calmbreeze without battling wild mons, and even a simple change can indicate a more relaxed and less-battle focused town/game feel: replace the potion in the player's PC with a repel (or several repels). (The potion is mostly redundant with the infinite oran berries anyway; the berries also have the benefit of being less 'battle item'-like in nature, and more like regular pokemon food.) Alternatively, you mum could give you some repels (presumably she would use them when visiting Calmbreeze herself). The player is of course welcome to battle to their heart's content, but giving repels as a starting item shows that a different attitude exists as well. It would be a simple piece of environmental storytelling, but I really do believe that the presence of lots of little things like that adds up to a lasting impression in a player's mind.

>The best friend describes your Mareep as "vigorous but also cute" - notably not "cute but also vigorous", which would seem like the more typical thing to say; however, if she's rather into battling (which see seems to be), then her statement makes sense.

>Chapter title cards ("- Chapter 1 - Party with my best friend" & "- Chapter 2 - Crying in my dreams"): I love them. They look great and they frame the story well. Definitely keep using them.

>Suggestion for dream sequence: The ladder in the first room of the dream cave should lead back to itself (if this is possible) - that way there's only one way to get from room 1 to room 2 (the door that, when entered from room 2, leads to room 3) and getting to room 3 requires reentering the door between room 1 & 2 - otherwise, the player might take the ladder to room 2 and then enter room 3 without realizing that the room 2->3 door is spatially the same as the room 1->2 door (and so the cave loses some of its 'dream logic' feel). (My initial reaction was to take the ladder that was next to me, not to check offscreen down the tunnel, so while I found the path to room 3 easily enough, it took some further testing to realize the 'trick' of the dream puzzle. Better that the player realize the trick immediately after solving the puzzle.)

>Rain in the Sweetdrops Village gym: Awesome. (I don't think a main game has ever done that, but I could be forgetting.)

>That being said, Tyler could probably have a more interesting first mon than Lotad (as his second is Lombre). Unfortunately, very few pokemon (that would be appropriate to a rainy-woods gym) have a rain-related ability in Gen3. ---Surskit has Swift Swim (although it also knows Quick Attack), and could work as an easy first pokemon to face (for instance, by giving Tyler 3+ pokemon), as it is quite weak (but cute!), and especially weak to Mareep/Flaaffy's ThunderShock. Unfortunately, it does not learn Water Pulse.
---Castform has Forecast, which could be cool (and it can learn Water Pulse (replacing Ember)).
---If you don't mind going off-type (which more gym leaders should do anyway), you could add a Paras with Dry Skin (which is actually *MORE* effective in rain than Lotad/Lombre's Rain Dish is, healing 1/8 of max hp instead of merely 1/16) - and Tyler is more like a 'rain trainer' than a simple water trainer anyway. (Obviously, though, it doesn't learn Water Pulse - however, its Stun Spore does work well with Lombre's Water Pulse's confusion chance.)
---Or, you could add a woods-dwelling water-type like Poliwag or Totodile or Slowpoke to his team for more variety. (Poliwag has high enough speed that it doesn't benefit much from Swift Swim anyway, but the rain sure helps its STAB Bubble/Water Gun/Water Pulse. Totodile is very "woodsy" to me, and is a physical attacker, which offers a different kind of variety.) (And obviously Wooper is an option, but Lombre is already a decent counter to Mareep/Flaaffy due to its grass-typing and high special defence.) (Additionally, all of these pokemon learn Water Pulse.)
>These a just some options that could make him a more interesting and less 'one-note' gym leader. (Personally, I'd really be a fan of a Dry Skin Paras being added. Having gym leaders theme themselves on more than just a single type (here, by theming on rain in general) needs to be much more widespread in pokemon games/hacks.)

--So, potential new lineups might be:
---Surskit lvl 12, Paras (with Dry Skin) lvl 13, Lombre lvl 14. (no more powerful than present team (maybe even weaker, because Surskit really is that weak :/ ), but is still more varied, and uses three different rain-related abilities)
---Poliwag lvl 12 (with Water Pulse), Paras (with Dry Skin) lvl 13, Lombre lvl 14 (with Water Pulse). (more powerful than present team, but very varied and well-suited to rain (also, Mareep/Flaaffy still gets a supereffective target in Poliwag - but Poliwag will probably be faster, and so get a Water Pulse off or get to try its luck with Hypnosis)
---or something else that takes your fancy.

>Giving out multiple copies of a tm after defeating a gym leader: Also awesome.

>There's a rock in front of a house in Woop Swamp (like the one that falls in front of the cave entrance at the demo's end) - I assume this is a building for use in future builds of the hack ("Not-programmed houses are closed to prevent crashes.")

>I really thought that little kid in Calmbreeze was trolling us about Bulbasaur, but boy am I glad I switched on turbo mode for a few minutes and gave the patch of grass one more runthrough (despite playing since Blue, I've never actually trained a bulbasaur before, so it was exciting to finally do so). I also noticed that Mudkip is an extremely rare encounter in Woop Swamp (I only encountered a single one during much searching, same as Bulbasaur). I didn't notice any particularly rare encounters in Underhill Cave, Cleanwind Fields, or in Chinchilla Woods (though I did not search very thoroughly in Chinchilla Woods, and it seems unfinished anyway).

>In general, the encounter tables seem pretty good, with a decent amount of variety. (Lack of variety is the *real* reason that people rage at poor adorable zubat. Supersonic/Confuse Ray aren't so frustrating when you only encounter them ~15% of the time.) As a suggestion for keeping the variety high, I'd recommend NOT giving the player the Old Rod, and skipping directly to the Good Rod (or else create more varied Old Rod tables).

The pokemon that I noticed:
Cleanwind Fields: Hoppip, Caterpie, Wurmple, NidoranF, NidoranM, Pidgey, Shroomish, Oddish
Calmbreeze Town: Hoppip, Caterpie, NidoranF, NidoranM, Spearow, Sunkern, Bulbasaur [rare]
Underhill Cave: Zubat, Geodude, Paras, Whismur, Sandshrew, Aron, Mawile, Sableye, Diglett, Onix
Woop Swamp: Wooper, Poliwag, Marill, Lotad, Paras, Mudkip [rare]
Chinchilla Woods: Silcoon, Cascoon, Kakuna, Metapod, Paras, Shroomish, Oddish, Volbeat, Illumise

>In case you want to expand the encounter tables even more: I'd recommend including Surskit in Woop Swamp; Surskit is a cute little poke that doesn't get enough love (especially not from Nintendo, taking away its unique type on evolution <_<). Ekans and Gulpin are also reasonable additions to the swamp. Weedle seems an obvious choice to add to Chinchilla Woods (of course, wild Beedrills and Butterfrees would also be fine, unless they migrate elsewhere after evolving). Staryu or Chinchou (on the water-containing levels) and/or Torkoal (on the hazy level) in Underhill Cave could also work.

>Suggestion: Add some pokes to Chinchilla Beach sands (different tileset for water-sand boundary? like the one used in the desert in RSE); as is, it doesn't feel like a proper world area. Adding some trainers (tubers, fishermen, lasses, youngsters) or even just some npcs to talk to would help make the place feel more alive - or you could even add a conversation with the best friend (especially since the beach is likely where she would go after talking to you in Woop Swamp). Some potential pokemon encounter options: Corphish, Krabby, Shellder, Slowpoke, Anorith, Lileep, Wingull, Corsola, Pidgey, Doduo. Chinchilla Beach could also be a good place to get a fishing rod.

>Also, Chinchilla Woods just seems like a bizarre name if it's not going to have any rodent pokemon in it, you know :P

>Including patches of grass in towns is a good idea, by the way. Might also consider putting some in Sweetdrops (or see below).

>Apparently there's a method to add the GenV 'enounter pokemon in puddles' mechanic to GenIII hacks, which you may be interested in (since you've already done a lot of work with encounter tables, and because puddles are frankly cute) - I saw it mentioned in the description for the "Fire Red: Backwards Edition" hack, if you want to ask that hackmaker how they did it. (Sweetdrops is an ideal place to utilize this mechanic, for instance, as it adds encounter areas to the Village without needing to add grass. Woop Swamp would also benefit.)

>The pokemon frolicking in the unaccessible grass outside of Calmbreeze are a nice touch (borrowed from Day Care?).

>re: girl that your best friend passes by and "(maybe she has already beaten that trainer)" - you know, you could include that in her opening dialogue ("[best friend] is your friend? She sure is strong! [Hm, I wonder if I can handle you? / But I bet I can handle you!]") (depending on her personality, I forget)

>I noticed that Tackle & Uproar have GenV base power and accuracy - I assume this is intentional, as it makes them actually decent moves and is a good change. It would probably be worth noting this in the hack description.

>Spongebob Squarepants reference on your TV: yes. (I'm a huge sucker for jokes and references - and TVs seem like a great place for you to insert both (and I recommend that you do so as often as you like). Although you might also consider using TVs to develop the world as well, using the flashing screen to indicate world events that the player can choose to watch.)

>Incidentally, since there is a Name Rater: I always feel like Name Raters ought to have a nicknamed pokemon of their own strutting about the house, as proof of their official nicknaming capability. You could use this as a means of inserting an in-joke, reference, or nickname of personal significance, for example.

>It's kind of odd that the man in Greeninville who gives you a Town Map doesn't have one on his wall... Anyway, the world map of the islands does look really good. One improvement for it might be to add a bit more interconnection: for example, the northern route east of the final town on the starting island could (after getting a later HM or simply having a roadblock be removed later in the game) be connected to the sea route connecting the two cities on the largest island; likewise, a route could eventually open up between the starting island and the third island by means of a sea route connecting to an exit from a deeper (currently unreachable) part of Underhill Cave. That would just allow for freer, more natural traversal between islands/towns without having to use Fly. (Oh, don't forget to include a Move Deleter somewhere... darn HMs...)

>With the theme of the hack and this being a Gen3 hack, you might consider referencing the fact that Gen2 was blatantly sexist in its implementation of genders. In Gen2, all female pokemon have a lower attack IV than ANY male of their species, as gender was determined via a simple cutoff point for the attack IV (e.g., starter pokemon can only be female if their attack IV is 0 or 1 (out of a max 15), which is what leads to the 1:7 female:male ratio). Something like this was necessary because of the way that Gen1 stored its mon data, to allow for compatibility between the gens, but the chosen method was particularly lazy and mean (a modulo-based method would have been much less bad, for example). (One of the reasons why Gen3 is incompatible with Gens1&2 is due to the creation of personality values, which superseded the previous janky methods used to store information in Gen1's mon data structure (like how the HP IV was derived from the other IVs, SpAtk and SpDef used the same Special IV, and the aforementioned gender determination).) A Team Xeno grunt pining for the days of his youth in Johto, when 'it was *just so obvious* that female pokemon were weaker' would be pretty funny, at least to nerds like me.

>Team Xeno Torturer's "create a rude and masculine world" just sounds so weird. Perhaps "create a mighty, masculine world" or frame it in terms of an honour culture. "Rude" simply can't have a positive connotation that a follower could believe in. 'Direct,' 'brutally honest,' 'might-makes-right,' 'manly' - any of those could work as alternate bases. Perhaps even have them say that they won't be 'fettered by feminine weaknesses' or something to similar effect (like they think they're defending their own values from attack, or justifying the use of being-an-evil-jerk-ness because 'people being mean' is what they think is necessary for people to survive in the world (a 'growlithe-eat-growlithe world'?)). Obviously, these particular guys are just massive jerkfaces, but they ought to have more conviction and pride and positive conceptions in their (hurtful to others) thoughts & actions, or else they're ONLY massive jerkfaces, without rationale.

>I know that the Running Shoes animation is just a placeholder, but right now the heroine just steps forward really fast and that is *hilarious* - I kind of don't want it to be replaced with a 'proper' running animation (at least not for the cute outfit, as stepping forward really fast just looks so dainty; a tomboy outfit really ought to simply run, though I didn't test any tomboy overworld stuff).

>I do hope the next version will be able to continue on from beta 2 (instead of requiring a new game like beta 1->2 does), as that's always an excellent feature (and of course because I'm one of those 'silly' people who gets attached to the mons I raise). I didn't try out beta 1, so I am curious: what flags and variables did you change in between the two betas that made them incompatible?

By the way, the text boxes, borders, etc are all *adorable.* Rest assured, the Italian boys who complained of caries are not Real Men(tm). Real Men(tm) like myself are not afraid to squee appropriately at such cuteness :]. C. S. Lewis said it best:

"Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up."
--C. S. Lewis
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Thanks for the huge help! *^*
And yep, sorry. I'm not a native english speaker.
About music bugs... I don't know what causes them. Maybe I'll try to replace some tracks with Sappy.

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why is there a deviantart emoji on this website
<- that one
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I liked the idea and concept of this hack. I'm just downloading the hack right now and I've got just 1 question(the question is lame as well as stupid but still curious): Will there be old and new pokemon and can we get them all without trading?
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Originally Posted by abishkar.mahat2 View Post
I liked the idea and concept of this hack. I'm just downloading the hack right now and I've got just 1 question(the question is lame as well as stupid but still curious): Will there be old and new pokemon and can we get them all without trading?
I'm going to add as many Pokémon as I can, and I'll probably patch the ROM to change some Pokémon that require trading to evolve, like Kadabra, Porygon, Machoke or Haunter.
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How do I play this on android?
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