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Old 2nd December 2012, 10:54 AM   #1
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Default Pokemon Silver Legend - Chapter 2


Orange's journey is began as every other journey, but suddendly his friends Pearl and Riccardo
and him are involved in a war began more than 1000 years ago!
They are the chosen, they have the power to awake an ancient Pokemon fell asleep centuries ago.
But others, unawares, have this power and now Orange, Pearl and Riccardo's mission is to find them before Zeno!
Many people will be involved in this battle of memories!
The Silver Legend is only at the beginning!

Beta 1

Beta 2



What will we expect about the new Pokemon Silver Legend?
The Beta 1 was only the beginning of all, the true story has to begin yet!
In this chapter we will meet new important characters and new riddles will be resolved for understand what is happening!

Will be there many changes from Beta 1?
Beta 1's history will be the same, but in the Beta 2 Pearl and Riccardo will be set aside for a while! But don't worry, they will have some good substitutes.
For the rest we will find all other characters.

Release date?
To talk about the release date is soon, very soon!
Our goal is to do everything before an year.
The Beta 1 had required very much time because we had to try everything, expecially the ASM routines!

SL Team?
Yeah, we are the "SL Team"! At the moment it consists of:
Anesius, Zeno96, XDinky, Shiny Charizard, Simo O, Soria, Zito e Ghosto95.
We are a lot of people, but we are very close-knit!

If you have other questions for the F.A.Q. say that in the topic!


We thank everyone for the, more or less, 1000 downloads of the Beta 1!


HTML Code:
HTML Code:

The king woke up ...
Evil forces want his power ...
Can you save him?

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Old 18th December 2012, 05:47 PM   #2
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Not sure why this doesn't have any comments ;(

Anyways, nice job with this! The game is pretty sound graphically, which is a lot to say for a hack. Seems like you have a pretty talented team as well. Hope this gets translated some time down the road, best of luck.
Welcome to the Heist...
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Old 19th December 2012, 02:27 AM   #3
Let it go!
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The colors are very bright and it really appeals to me! Keep up the good work with this~
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Old 20th December 2012, 03:51 AM   #4
Shiny Quagsire
Super Awesome Ninja ASM Guy
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Shiny Quagsire

Looks wonderful, and well thought out. I'll try it out and report my satisfactor and/or constructive criticism.

My Works:

Coming Soon/Working On:
  • Pokemon Amethyst
  • ?Using HMs via Items?
  • Custom GUIs using ASM (and soon) C

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Old 21st December 2012, 04:09 AM   #5
mother of dragons
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Looking amazing! Your choice of tiles and mapping are simply spectacular, I can't wait for updates on this one (;
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Old 21st December 2012, 10:10 PM   #6
Emerald Hacker
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Now that is some extensive and brilliant tile work. This really does look like a very successful and well done hack. Keep up the good work :)
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Old 23rd December 2012, 03:18 AM   #7
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Red face

Looking nice!

Yes, your project it´s amazing, i like this and i hope that you release the new beta, so good luck.

Oh!, the beta is incredible, the scripts, maps, history, all about this hack is wonderfull, a great hack, and the tiles are beatifull, i love your hack.
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Old 5th October 2014, 01:32 AM   #8
Lets Hack
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Looks Amazing but Can u make a English version I wanna Play it Because i can't understand the language..........
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Old 5th October 2014, 01:42 AM   #9
Banjora Marxvile
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Banjora Marxvile

Wow, this is such a revival I may have to close it. If you want this reopened TheZeno96, return and tell me
All my Resources, in one easy Archive!

Hey, my name is Banjora Marxvile.
I am the Moderator of the ROM Hacks section on this site.
If you have any questions or anything you want tto ask, please don't hesitate.
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chapter, GBA:, legend, pok?mon, pokemon, silver, [GBA]

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