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Default How to Write A Storyline

This is a really old guide by me, I will be remaking it eventually...Personally I can't believe I praise Quartz version in this guide or half the statistics I pulled out of my ass, but its a good read regardless.

While i don't claim to be the best game designer, I think I'm pretty darn good. In this tutorial I will show you the following:

1. Writing the Story
2. Choose your style
3. Mapping like a pro, with your style. (I think there was originally another part to this guide which is no longer here)

In this guide we will be following the styles of Generations 2 and 3.

Hello, my name is Pia Carrot. Most of you already know me here, but for those that don't, I'm your "Friendly Neighborhood Gullwing" (Final Fantasy reference, if anyone caught that -_-') and i get requests to do things all the time, which can be good or bad, depending.

Well, nobody requested me to do this, but I'm tired of seeing hacks and games with no flavor in their games. It ticks me off when I see a Pallet Town spammed with tall grass as the starter town, or when the game is about you being an illegal immigrant stealing Pokémon and cutlets of sirloin (Keratin)...No harm intended, just not my taste.

I will show you all how to make a proper RPG, whether you think it's original or not, following some storyline basics revolving games such as Final Fantasy, Pokémon Emerald, Tales of Eternia, and titles even as simple as Kid Icarus.

Enjoy the guide!

Part 1: Storyline Basics

Have you ever wondered why there are so many fans of RSE when they aren't fans of Firered? But those that worshipped the original Red and Blue versions loved it more than Ruby and Sapphire (meaning vice versa).

This was because Firered and Leafgreen were remakes. There is a huge fanbase for these remakes, but not as big as the fanbase for original hacks/games.

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald had something new. A storyline that wasn't a continuation of another, which is the only reason I do not include Gold and Silver in this guide. How many successful hacks have you seen? There's about a 5-8% completion ratio. How many of those are remakes? Maybe 2? 3?

For storyline I'm going to reference Quartz version, a hack of Ruby Version. This game was clearly based off Ruby and Sapphire's storyline, but he added something. You know what that was? Romance. And a plethora of comedy which didn't kill the game (naked lady in hot springs).

I'm seeing way too many serious hacks nowadays, and I'm seeing some way too ridiculous, which I am going to slightly bash Snakewood here...Sorry, I don't like Snakewood. I can have an opinion, I don't think zombies and Pokémon should go together.

By serious, I mean I'm reading crazy stuff like "The Hero has a beast living inside him" yada yada.



So in a list I'm going to bullet what's good and bad (my opinion, yours will probably be different):

-Romance (Don't get too mushy though)
-Action (but don't take it too seriously, remember it's Pokémon...)
-Comedy (But don't get childish like Snakewood and Keratin)
-Well Planned storyline, we'll get into this later.
-Translations (so more people can enjoy your creation)

-Make the hero have an alter ego.
-Have the hero change into a Zoroark (fail werewolf idea)
-Have a fat guy say "Haha, [player], I slept with your mom last night!".
-Bad grammar
-Change palettes to neon colors

Storyline Outline
For a successful storyline you will needs the following:

-Protagonist (Duh...)
-Antagonist (Single or Multi)
-Love Interest (optional)
-Tragic Defeat/Death of Antagonist (also optional, but recommended)

1. Protagonist.
Self explanatory. You need a hero/heroes to have a game....
If you have several Heroes, go badass old style RPG and have one character betray you at one point ingame.

2. Antagonist
Perhaps not at first. Similar to Pokémon Ruby, where Team Magma and Team Aqua were rather secretive at first and not much was known about them. Remember those games started out with you Moving in, and meeting the town's professor who encourages you to take the League Challenge. Antagonists can be serious (Silver; Pokémon Gold), comical (Team Rocket from the anime, Doctor Robotnik from Sonic), or even friendly! (Archie; Pokémon Ruby, or Maxy; Pokémon Sapphire). Please be aware that friendly rivals aren't truly antagonists, but can be if you incorporate it unto the game, like Barry from Diamond or Wally from Emerald.

3. Love Interest
My all time favorite RPG, Tales of Eternia, was an epic mix of Storyline, Graphics, Action, and Romantic Drama. YOu don't get games like these anymore. A better example would be Baro's Ruby hack, Pokémon Quartz, where (I played as the girl) your new neighbot J. Akira falls in love with you and eventually becomes your boyfriend after a series of flirtacious battles throughout the game. I insist that you add a love interest, but don't go overboard like a Dating Sim. That's what Pia Carrot is for :3

4. Tragic Death/ Defeat
DO NOT EVER, and I mean, EVER, end your game with all the heroes dying and the villain prevailing. I don't know why the hell you would do this. Imagine if a player spent hours, even weeks, trying to beat your hack just for it to end with a picture of trollface pikachu:

and Geechisu teabagging your body.

PLEASE. The villain will always lose. NOW, an alternative ending is OK. What I mean by this is that in the final battle, if you lose maybe something like:

Geechisu: "Hahahah, Now the world is mine! All hope is lost!" And then go back to the titlescreen. Just please don't abuse this or allow the player to save after defeat.

5. Climax
And no I do not mean what happens in bed with your girlfriend Jennifer.

A climax is the highest interest point of the game, or perhaps I can better fix this up with an example. In Tales of Eternia, Ras was a merchant who helped the heroes for their cause to stop the Grand Fall from approaching. Later, he leaves the party, saying he has merchant business to attend to. Later, once the heroes gather all the 3 Greater Craymels of Inferia (Think of them as Demi-gods), they search for the Bridge of Light, which should allow them to cross over to the upside-down world Celestia, where their party member Meredy came from to warn them of the Grand Fall. Of course, when they reach Mt. Farlos, they meet up with Ras again, rather coincidentally. Keele, the brains of the operation, knows something is up, but nobody else believes him. When they reach the top, Ras appears to leave again, only to follow the heroes after they enter the cave where the bridge of light awaits.

As the heroes are about to cross over, Ras jumps out from the shadows, announcing his true identity! Sir Rassius Luine, Captain of the Royal Guard! After all this time Rassius was constantly following you, watching your every move, and under orders from his majesty wanted to kill you. Your friend.

This was only the Climax of disc 1, there could be another better example, but this is mine, since most of you probably haven't played Eternia, it will do.

More to come...

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