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Default Emerald Battle Backgrounds

Alright! This is the Battle Backgrounds table for Emerald. The table has the same concept for each background as FireRed has. Having this format of having five pointers for each background:

VV VV VV 08  WW WW WW 08  XX XX XX 08  YY YY YY 08  ZZ ZZ ZZ 08
VV = Image Offset
WW = TileMap Offset
XX = Entry Image 
(Ex. The Grass that moves in front of the screen at the beginning of a grass battle.)
YY = Entry Image Tilemap
ZZ = Palette
The difference between FireRed and Emerald is that the Emerald's table only covers 10 backgrounds which are in this list:
  • Grass 1 (Normal Grass)
  • Grass 2 (Tall Grass)
  • Sand
  • Dive
  • Sea
  • Pond
  • Craggy
  • Cave
  • Trainer Battles (Indoor)
  • Trainer Battles (Outdoor) "can be called as the outdoor FIELD"

The table begins at 31ABA8 and ends at 31AC6F. The table hasn't the background for Gym Leader battles, Hideout battles, Pokemon League battles, Battle Frontier battles (doesn't count the Smeargle cave underneath Battle Frontier), and the backgrounds for the Weather Trio battles isn't in the table too. I'm pretty sure that the table is somewhere else but they are located separatedly. Here is the documentation of each background and their offsets and pointers in the original table:

- Grass 1 (Normal Grass)
--- D77D68 (image) - pointer 68 7D D7 08 at 31ABA8
--- D75008 (image tilemap) - pointer 08 50 D7 08 at 31ABAC
--- D7E280 (entry image) - pointer 80 E2 D7 08 at 31ABB0
--- D7E808 (entry image tilemap) - pointer 08 E8 D7 08 at 31ABB4
--- D78318 (image palette) - pointer 18 83 D7 08 at 31ABB8

- Grass 2 (Tall Grass)
--- D78600 (image) - pointer 00 86 D7 08 at 31ABBC
--- D78CB8 (image tilemap) - pointer B8 8C D7 08 at 31ABC0
--- D7E9C4 (entry image) - pointer C4 E9 D7 08 at 31ABC4
--- D7F0D4 (entry image tilemap) - pointer D4 F0 D7 08 at 31ABC8
--- D78C78 (image palette) - pointer 78 8C D7 08 at 31ABCC

- Sand
--- D78F68 (image) - pointer 68 8F D7 08 at 31ABD0
--- D795A8 (image tilemap) - pointer A8 95 D7 08 at 31ABD4
--- D7F3C0 (entry image) - pointer C0 F3 D7 08 at 31ABD8
--- D7F850 (entry image tilemap) - pointer 50 F8 D7 08 at 31ABDC
--- D79560 (image palette) - pointer 60 95 D7 08 at 31ABE0

- Dive
--- D79858 (image) - pointer 58 98 D7 08 at 31ABE4
--- D79E58 (image tilemap) - pointer 58 9E D7 08 at 31ABE8
--- D7F9F8 (entry image) - pointer F8 F9 D7 08 at 31ABEC
--- D7FEC4 (entry image tilemap) - pointer C4 FE D7 08 at 31ABF0
--- D79E10 (image palette) - pointer 10 9E D7 08 at 31ABF4

- Sea
--- D7A108 (image) - pointer 08 A1 D7 08 at 31ABF8
--- D7A720 (image tilemap) - pointer 20 A7 D7 08 at 31ABFC
--- D80054 (entry image) - pointer 54 00 D8 08 at 31AC00
--- D80660 (entry image tilemap) - pointer 60 06 D8 08 at 31AC04
--- D7A6DC (image palette) - pointer DC A6 D7 08 at 31AC08

- Pond
--- D7A9D0 (image) - pointer D0 A9 D7 08 at 31AC0C
--- D7AFB8 (image tilemap) - pointer B8 AF D7 08 at 31AC10
--- D80804 (entry image) - pointer 04 08 D8 08 at 31AC14
--- D80D50 (entry image tilemap) - pointer 50 0D D8 08 at 31AC18
--- D7AF78 (image palette) - pointer 78 AF D7 08 at 31AC1C

- Craggy
--- D7B268 (image) - pointer 68 B2 D7 08 at 31AC20
--- D7B864 (image tilemap) - pointer 64 B8 D7 08 at 31AC24
--- D80E9C (entry image) - pointer 9C 0E D8 08 at 31AC28
--- D8147C (entry image tilemap) - pointer 7C 14 D8 08 at 31AC2C
--- D7B828 (image palette) - pointer 28 B8 D7 08 at 31AC30

- Cave
--- D7BB14 (image) - pointer 14 BB D7 08 at 31AC34
--- D7C154 (image tilemap) - pointer 54 C1 D7 08 at 31AC38
--- D81610 (entry image) - pointer 10 16 D8 08 at 31AC3C
--- D81E2C (entry image tilemap) - pointer 2C 1E D8 08 at 31AC40
--- D7C10C (image palette) - pointer 0C C1 D7 08 at 31AC44

- Trainer Battles (Indoor)
--- D7C440 (image) - pointer 40 C4 D7 08 at 31AC48
--- D7CA28 (image tilemap) - pointer 28 CA D7 08 at 31AC4C
--- D820D4 (entry image) - pointer D4 20 D8 08 at 31AC50
--- D824E4 (entry image tilemap) - pointer E4 24 D8 08 at 31AC54
--- D7DEB4 (image palette) - pointer B4 DE D7 08 at 31AC58
* Noted that the Trainer Battles for Indoor and Outdoor are sharing the same except for the image palette. Trainer Battles for Indoors contains white-ish and dark-brown-ish palette while Trainer Battles for Outdoors contains yellow-green-ish and light-brown-ish palette.

- Trainer Battles (Outdoor) "almost going to be called as the outdoor field"
--- D7C440 (image) - pointer 40 C4 D7 08 at 31AC5C
--- D7CA28 (image tilemap) - pointer 28 CA D7 08 at 31AC60
--- D820D4 (entry image) - pointer D4 20 D8 08 at 31AC64
--- D824E4 (entry image tilemap) - pointer E4 24 D8 08 at 31AC68
--- D7C404 (image palette) - pointer 04 C4 D7 08 at 31AC6C
* Noted that the Trainer Battles for Indoor and Outdoor are sharing the same except for the image palette. Trainer Battles for Indoors contains white-ish and dark-brown-ish palette while Trainer Battles for Outdoors contains yellow-green-ish and light-brown-ish palette.
For Gym Leader and Battle Frontier battles, they have separated backgrounds. Now, here is the documentation on other special backgrounds and I just give the location of their pointers:

BATTLE FRONTIER image pointer @ 03579C
BATTLE FRONTIER image tilemap pointer @ 0357A4
BATTLE FRONTIER image palette pointer @ 0357AC

GROUDON image pointer @ 0357D0
GROUDON image tilemap pointer @ 0357D8
GROUDON image palette pointer @ 0357E0

KYOGRE image pointer @ 035804
KYOGRE image tilemap pointer @ 03580C
KYOGRE image palette pointer @ 035814

RAYQUAZA image pointer @ 035838
RAYQUAZA image tilemap pointer @ 035840
RAYQUAZA image palette pointer @ 035848

GYM LEADER image pointer @ 035884
GYM LEADER image tilemap pointer @ 03588C
GYM LEADER image palette pointer @ 035894

CHAMPION image pointer @ 0358B0
CHAMPION image tilemap pointer @ 0358B8
CHAMPION image palette pointer @ 0358C0

"Gym Style (AM)" image pointer @ 035964
"Gym Style (AM)" image tilemap pointer @ 03596C
"Gym Style (AM)" image palette pointer @ 035974
* (AM) - Advance Map

MAGMA HIDEOUT "Team Rocket Style (AM)" image pointer @ 03598C
MAGMA HIDEOUT "Team Rocket Style (AM)" image tilemap pointer @ 035994
MAGMA HIDEOUT "Team Rocket Style (AM)" image palette pointer @ 03599C
* (AM) - Advance Map
* Although that the Ruby's Magma Hideout isn't used in the normal gameplay of Emerald, it exists in Emerald just for a standard "Team Rocket Style" and for FireRed, it is used in Pokemon Tower.

AQUA HIDEOUT "03 (AM)" image pointer @ 0359B4
AQUA HIDEOUT "03 (AM)" image tilemap pointer @ 0359BC
AQUA HIDEOUT "03 (AM)" image palette pointer @ 0359C4
* (AM) - Advance Map
* In Emerald, the "03 ???" from the Fight Type, it is the Aqua Hideout. Although that in FireRed, it appears to be for Rocket Hideout.

ELITE FOUR 1 image pointer @ 0359DC
ELITE FOUR 1 image tilemap pointer @ 0359E4
ELITE FOUR 1 image palette pointer @ 0359EC

ELITE FOUR 2 image pointer @ 035A04
ELITE FOUR 2 image tilemap pointer @ 035A0C
ELITE FOUR 2 image palette pointer @ 035A14

ELITE FOUR 3 image pointer @ 035A2C
ELITE FOUR 3 image tilemap pointer @ 035A34
ELITE FOUR 3 image palette pointer @ 035A3C

ELITE FOUR 4 image pointer @ 035A5C
ELITE FOUR 4 image tilemap pointer @ 035A64
ELITE FOUR 4 image palette pointer @ 035A6C

"Big Red Pokeball (AM)" image pointer @ 035A90
"Big Red Pokeball (AM)" image tilemap pointer @ 035A98
"Big Red Pokeball (AM)" image palette pointer @ 035AA0
* (AM) - Advance Map
So far, that's only the separated backgrounds I've found in Emerald. Some of the images are aligned with the first ten backgrounds or the other backgrounds so be careful while repointing. Example: You have a background for the Elite Four and Champion but it relates with the Team Rocket Style background. I suggest that if you have good instincts, insert the image without repointing and just edit the pointers manually by using a HEX editor. I just gave all the information I have found so you won't be having problems dealing with Emerald background. I hope this help you a lot. Good luck!

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