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I found Chaos Black on Cydia about a year and a half ago and I started playing it. That was when I realized that the games could be modded, so I started looking into it. My first task, was to change the sprite in BW to Brenden from Ruby (don't hate, that was just the game I grew up with as a kid.:P) I quickly found gen III hacking to be much more appealing because I could run it on my iPod, so I switched to that and joined PC so I could ask questions.

Soon enough, I became one of the only ones answering questions and I learned really fast by solving other peoples problems. After struggling through HackMew's ASM tutorial a few times trying to understand it, it finally clicked when I ported Darthatron's item script runner to Ruby. This was the first time I actually felt like a part of a community because I had to talk to @Darthatron on IRC in order to understand some of the pointers in his code. The first time I logged in, I saw @Shiny Quagsire, @Jambo51, @Linkandzelda, and @Darthatron all in the same room. I had always seen posts by them, but it was weird to actually talk to them. ( and also super awkward at first, as they were like hacking gods, per se, haha)

Anyways, after that first IRC conversation (in which I logged in and out about 30 times trying to figure out how to work the thing, lol), I kept learning and I'm still here.:P
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