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If playing around with tools qualifies as hacking, I'm one of the guys who also started young. I think I could have been 10 or 11 when I actually made my first hack. I can't say I remember for sure but I'd say, my first hack is an enemy stats modification of Chrono Trigger done in 2001-2002.

Since then, I used to do all kinds of simple game edits over time, whenever I felt like it really (and there weren't really that many over the years). One day, I started playing around with a map editor for pokemon crystal and actually managed to make my very "own" game with it, Crystal Redesign (which turned out pretty horrible to say the least). That was in 2008.

I enjoyed that kind of map- and trainer editing business, so I came up with many other small modifications as well. I guess the only things I learned at the time was the knowledge that all this information I'm editing is stored inside the rom and I can change it with this tool, and perhaps a little bit more. Oh yeah - I did make a simple evolution hex edit with one of these "hacks".

In late 2010, I started investigating more and "made" CrystalText. Actually, the only thing I did was to modify the contents of certain ini-files that told the actual editor, PokeText, where to load text data, of certain data format, from.
Since then, I started tapping more into the scene and I guess the next big step happened sometime in late 2011. After that, I slowly became content with all kinds of data and playing around with a hex editor, and other kinds of tools available. And learned how to program while at it as well.

By the way.. once I had become better than all the average people in PC, yeah I've been hanging around in there, I started to become selfish, and "elitist". Once I had learned more and more, I also got rid of this attitude, but a question to others, have you seen this happening during your own hacking / general life as well ?

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