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Default How did you begin hacking?

So on this website we have hackers that have origins stemming about a decade back. The hacking scene has constantly evolved (except the past few years have been rather slow) and everyone has different origins. So, tell the community, how did you begin hacking? What was the first hack you played? etc.

Personally, I had just gotten my first Pokemon game and wanted to make my own. I started looking around at game maker programs and ended up through tons of browsing at a video of Pokémon Chaos Black by @mewthree9000 and then I started playing Pokémon Naranja by Serg!o as it was the next video and looked interesting. Eventually I ended up meeting @Linkandzelda and became involved with the whole alternative Pokéhacking forum scene at TPW and TPB (Today Petalburg Woods, an RP forum and PHO, this forum ^_^), which in turn led me to meet Mewthree9000 and join Mewthree Inc. with him.

What's your origin?
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