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We were discussing Sony's plan to release premium SD cards, and how audiophiles are almost ignorant to the fact that people cater to them with high prices and whatnot, and that it's almost useless to have an absolute perfect setup:
[08:44.46] <falk|hiding> i've also had a world renoun mastering engineer tell me playing wav files off one HDD is different from another and he can objectively hear it
[08:45.02] <falk|hiding> and tried to explain how even though it's 1s and 0s, that the space between them was different
[08:45.03] <falk|hiding> i was like
[08:45.05] <falk|hiding> "ok"
[08:45.10] <falk|hiding> "yea i get you're old and all that"
[08:45.13] <falk|hiding> "please die off already"
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Thank you for your time, PHO. I won't soon forget it.
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