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Such a glorious day in #gogo. One of the many highlights of a racism discussion brought on by darksneasel saying nigga.

[02:13] <AlexZ> What are you people doing?
[02:13] <AlexZ> what is this?
[02:13] <DarkSneasel> playing pokemon showdown and listening to music
[02:13] * shinyquagsire is watching the GW Hype Train roll along
[02:13] <+Mako> well dealing with a crybaby that is butthurt over a fucking word not used the way he thinks it was
[02:14] <AlexZ> Eat my ass Mako
[02:14] <+Mako> I prefer pussy
[02:14] <+Chaos_Darkrai> oooh
[02:14] <AlexZ> fucking grammar nazi
[02:14] <AlexZ> I'm sure you do
[02:14] <shinyquagsire>
[02:14] <DarkSneasel> what is this whole agitation over nigga
[02:15] == AlexZ [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: This isn't worth my time. What am I doing lol]
[02:15] <+Chaos_Darkrai> it needs to be said
[02:15] * Chaos_Darkrai likes pussy too
[02:15] <DarkSneasel> aaand this is why PC hates rom hackers
[02:15] <shinyquagsire> lol
[02:15] <+Mako> that was way too easy
[02:15] <+Chaos_Darkrai> ikr
[02:16] <+Mako> though to be fair he did ask for it

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