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Default Usergroups And You (What are Those Bars?)

Refer to this thread to understand the different userbars you see around the forums, what usergroups they belong to, and what they do/did:

Note-Worthy Members

These are, as you'd expect, VIP members. They have gained this title through old contests, or via donations to the site.

Former Staff
Anyone with this title is a former staff member here on PHO. They receive this title to honor their contribution to the site.

This rank has been given solely to Green Charizard. He is the founder and original owner of the amazing site you see here today, so many thanks to him! We appreciate all the work you put into making this community so wonderful, we hope to see you again some day!

Style Admin
This rank is given to those who grace our community with amazing new skins for your viewing pleasure! We thank them for their work on improving the community's aesthetics!
Note: These members are not staff nor do they possess staff exclusive privileges.


Moderators are the first step on the staff ladder. They preside over their subforums helping those who need it, cleaning up, and enforcing the rules.

Super Moderator
Super Moderators are essentially moderators on a forum wide scale. They aren't limited to a specific subforum, so be careful how you act around them!

Assistant Admin
These members have proven their ability to lead, and are thus part of the administrative team of the community. They have almost complete control over the forums, and the Moderators and Super Moderators act on their behalf.

This is a role belonging solely to Linkandzelda. He is the owner of the site, and the person everyone answers to.

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