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Hi, my name is Ace, and I'm a woman. I feel I should preface my post with it, so you'll take what I have to say seriously.

First of all, congratulations on actually creating a Pokemon romhack. You might just be the first feminist in the history of humanity to actually learn to code.

I respect the work you put into this game, and the Water/Grass gym is brilliant. Seriously, a dual-type gym? That's a really good idea, and I wish more romhacks did things like this.

However... Pokemon is already one of the most gender-equal pieces of media on the planet. It doesn't matter to the story if you're a boy or girl, and it doesn't matter if your Pokemon are male or female, they can still kick butt. Pokemon is already egalitarian and gender-neutral and equal.

And then there's this romhack. Where you can only be a girl, and the evil team is a bunch of cartoonishly evil men that act like they walked out of a thirty-something feminist's political cartoon comic, a comic that had its dialogue written by that girl's ten year old child. It perpetuates the myth that boys can only like boys stuff and girls can only like girls stuff, all boys are violent and brutish and "Crude", and women can only succeed at anything if the "Game" panders to her because of her gender, handing out free stuff like free Laprases like candy.

Technically, you succeeded in making a Feminist Pokemon game. It's very Feminist. You can only be a woman, femininity and girlyness and pink and soft blue are treated like perfect concepts while manliness is equated with "Evil" and "Crudeness" and "Outdated get-back-in-the-kitchen beliefs". This romhack is very, very feminist, which is probably why it's so bad.

As a thought exercise, it fails, as a video game, it's way too easy, and as an exercise in "See? Girls can play Pokemon, too!", it fails. You do not achieve gender equality by putting down one gender and giving free stuff away to the other, no matter how many times Feminists yell "It's ok for us to campaign to get men's rights taken away because we have more oppression points than those cis white males!".

You have potential, and you're wasting it by going full feminist.

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