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I think I have a lead on the problem: I need to be changing experience and/or levels along with the Pokemon species.

The reason for this is that different Pokemon level up at different rates. For example, Pidgey and Bulbasaur level up at a medium-slow rate, whereas Weedle, Caterpie, Kakuna, and Rattata level up at a medium-fast rate; thus, a Rattata with X experience should be at an equal or higher level to a Bulbasaur with X experience. When I convert a Rattata to a Bulbasaur and don't touch the level or experience, the game gets a little bit confused since the Pokemon has a higher level than it should. This fault triggers a failure when trying to calculate the experience required to reach the next level, which is shown in the Summary screen. The game did not crash when converting a Pidgey to a Bulbasaur since they level up at a similar rate.

A possible solution would be to calculate the experience that the new Pokemon should have at its current level, and write that value to the Pokemon.
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