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Originally Posted by Dark Sneasel View Post
Hmmm... since theres 100 fakemon, I'm guessing actual Pokemon are gonna be there too?
4 regions, that would be the bomb diggty, and I just hope this is much better than the original Chaos Black...
Yes, ALL current Pokemon + 100 Fakemon, and New Mega Forms.

Originally Posted by Rocket Leader
Omg, can't believe this Well, you caught my attention, don't lose it.
So far the screenshots don't show a lot.
Yeah, the screenshots are lacking as I've just restarted the project and I have a lot of work to do. It's very hard to make a huge amount of progress with my work schedule but I'm still putting in effort. I have been focusing on designing the first region in order to have a good idea of how my events will play out. Weeks have already went into the planning and design.
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