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Let's see. I still have to insert most of the new tilesets I've been working on and remap things. That sounds like a lot, but I tend to enjoy map and tileset work more than I enjoy scripting, and so it tends to go a lot faster.

Today I'm working on some of the scripting that I keep putting off doing. I've been working on completely re-doing Mahogany Town's events. It will no longer involve Team Rocket at all, and will be more Christmasy. To make up for it, there is now a Team Rocket event on South Isle that you have to do before you can battle Jasmine for the badge. Works a lot better than having Amphy get sick again for no reason

I'll have to play through again to make sure, but I think Mahogany Town's event is the last major storyline thing I need to do as far as scripting is concerned. I have some minor things to do here and there, like NPCs that currently say "Object Event" because I haven't made them do anything yet here and there, probably some actual bugs I'll want to fix before beta testing, and just random things I will probably want to tweak before release. But yeah, gonna try to knock out the design and scripting for the Mahogany Event so I can focus on the map updates I've been teasing.

Basically, I've been having trouble finalizing how I wanted the event to play out, so I couldn't start working on it yet. And I didn't want to start working on the mapping before that was done, because I didn't want to risk forgetting about it xD

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