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Default Intro Text Editor

So I've noticed that many new hackers that like to utilize tools, dont like to learn to hex edit. And I have also noticed that few tools allow the user to edit the blue screen intro text, Oaks intro text, or the rival/player generic names...

I have begun work on a tool that handles all these things, because I think it should be done for most hacks, even if the hacker is too lazy to whip out the ol' hex editor.

This tool edits the names of the rival and the player (boy or girl), but you have the ability to enter names that are longer or shorter...


You can also edit all the blue screen text(its 3 seperate pages)


and the last bit of functionality on here is oaks text.


Feel free to download this tool

Version 1.0 (11/8/2014) (fire red only)
LSA - Intro Text
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