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Originally Posted by Raiimeister View Post
@Luna - My #1 Is A Lie x] My 1st Account Is Here On PHO. I Was About To Answer Your #2 As Lie xD

@Aperso - Yo Pal, I Didn't Notice Your Post Above Mine. Couz When I Tap "Post Reply" Your Post Popped Up Then My Internet Cut Off, Its My Bad. I Think Your #2 Was A Bluff.

1. I'm Not A Teenage Dad.
2. Its Now Evening Here In Philippines.
3. I Like Doughnuts.
your #1 is a lie.
Also, I have never seen Pirates of the Caribbean :P. And yes I do own 17 ps2 controllers, and none of them work.

1) I am an A grade student.
2) I have never finished making a rom hack in my 3 years on the scene.
3) I have read the Harry potter series twice.
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