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Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
This hack looks great! While I've honestly never finished RSE, this hack makes it seem more enjoyable. Will you be adding Day and Night and things like you did for Liquid Crystal?

Also, I'll look at it to see if it needs more tweaking, but I have a FireRed style version of the houses in Littleroot Town I made a while back if you want to check them out.

That's how they look right now. I made it for RPG Maker, but if you like the basic design I can open it back up and make sure its optimized for splitting into tiles the way the normal game buildings are.

EDIT: I went in an optimized it. The old one used 20 something colors and had things awkwardly lined up on tiles. This new one uses 16 colors (including the background color for transparency) and is lined up a lot better on the individual tiles so you can fit it into a tileset a lot easier.

(Included the tiles needed to make that, just in case. That door probably isn't needed though since that should just be a standard door from Fire Red.)
Thanks for the feedback, as for Day and Night this should answer that.

Regarding the tiles, I appreciate the effort though I'd like to go for something completely new. Right now it's using the FR/LG houses in Littleroot but I plan to replace them later on with new tiles.

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