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Originally Posted by Mateo View Post
What sort of Halloween Hack are you wanting?

Also Rawr because reasons ♥
The Book of Unwritten Rules - ROM Hacking Edition

Rule 1 - If Mateo develops it, it will be good.
Rule 2 - If someone else does it, you can do it too.
Rule 3 - The newer the generation, the more it sucks. (Okay, that's not 100% true)

All jokes aside, if you make it I can't complain~ But I would certainly like to see something with a trick or treat event and an original plot, as opposed to the typical "Get your stater, collect 8 badges, beat the Elite 4, view credits" experience.

Because it's a Halloween hack, it will obviously have a focus on Dark/Psychic types but it would be nice to have some focus on Poison once in a while, and poison should fit well enough into a Halloween hack as well.

Maybe add a feature that lets the player choose their outfit. (obviously, this is quite difficult, and not that important, as long as the player sprite is decent for the trainer card and OW. But it would be a wonderful addition!) Maybe a murder mystery event in which the deceased isn't actually dead, but staged the whole thing for entertainment?

Just some random ideas, lemme know what you think~
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