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Alright, finally managed to focus on this hack enough to release another UPDATE!

- The upgraded EXP system I mentioned before is now in.
- The Johto National-Dex Pokémon now have an exclusive arrangement of the original battle theme from G/S/C.
- Berries continue to auto-replant so you won't lose them until you use them.
- The current Event Battles no longer have the steep requirement of a complete Hoenn PokéDex, since I have finally figured out how to customize this requirement to any number on either Dex; but future ones (like Jirachi) may differ there. Check out the Locations Guide to see the new Dex requirements for each.
- The Link Stone is now called the Plasma Stone instead. The Plasma Stone was an old idea I had but scrapped for whatever reason, now it's back.
- When starting a new-game, the whole selection of Box Wallpapers will be cycled through up to the limit of 14. Don't worry about current save files, as the only difference will be that instead of the game starting you off with the same 4 wallpapers repeating until box 14, it will start you off with them all in sequence. Otherwise, this is easily achieved manually.

- Minor map/movement-permission fixes
- The Locations Guide has been updated; the locations of the in-game trades (besides the Skitty/Meowth one) are now in the guide. The Skitty/Meowth trade is at the Battle Frontier. They are all in their normal locations from the original Emerald.

Extra Hints/Tips:
- Remember, if anyone encounters a bug/glitch/problem with the game then let me know so I can attempt to fix it before later releases.
- For anyone struggling to find out how to evolve Clamperl into either Huntail or Gorebyss, it evolves the same way as Wurmple does.
- Right now, I am working on the Moon map and coming up with more music tracks for the game.

RE-UPDATE: Just found a small but weird glitch that for some reason caused the Johto theme to play during the Zigzagoon battle at the beginning of the game. I found what caused it, and the patch download is now fixed with a newer one. For the 2 people that downloaded the earlier update (8/09/2017) already, the glitch is harmless but go ahead and upgrade if you feel like it.

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