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[22:53:22] Sukiyami: My computer is pissing me off so much, the cider wore off too quickly
[22:53:25] John Carroll: Whiskey?
[22:53:42] Sukiyami: Don't have any ;-;
[22:53:52] John Carroll: a strong single malt solves anything
[22:54:09] Sukiyami: I think we have bacardi but that's about it
[22:54:14] Pia Carrot: cider is great, cider and fireball whiskey is even better
[22:54:14] John Carroll: no wait that was a sig p-229
[22:54:32] Kristian: cider is disgusting
[22:54:38] Kristian: whiskey too
[22:54:40] Pia Carrot: get the fuck out kristian
[22:54:44] Kristian: all alcohol actually
[22:54:45] Pia Carrot: leave
[22:54:46] Mateo: well that's just like your opinion man
[22:55:07] Sukiyami: I'm not a fan of whiskey particularly, its OK with coke or something, but cider is life
[22:55:09] John Carroll: I ain't a fan of alcohol either
[22:55:13] *** Pia Carrot picks up sledgehammer and breaks kristians anime collection ***
[22:55:23] Pia Carrot: fireball whiskey is basically cinnamon whiskey
[22:55:33] Pia Carrot: @[email protected]
[22:55:34] Kristian: piss tastes better (i'd wager)
[22:55:41] John Carroll: actually it does
[22:55:50] Kristian: ^ spoken with experience
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