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lmbjjj 18th February 2013 05:22 PM

Pokemon Battle Red
This is My First Hack and is still being worked on .
I have finished up the Gym Leaders and Elite Four but the
story is still the same I plan on changing the player character sprite

To see some of what the rom has to offer go to
Youtube and search TheAtomicSeaLlamas they have a video with the
Download link and showcase some of the features.
It is also proof this is not a fake rom.

In Pokemon Battle Red many things have been changed.

1.Pokemon Evolve Differently Such as Kadabra becoming Alakazam
through trade now does so at level 40 .(A List will be at the bottom with all changes)

2.Your Rival is less of a **** and Professor Oak didn't forget his
grandsons name.

3.Gym Leaders and the Elite Four have been changed (List at Bottom)

4.All 386 Pokemon can be caught in the wild except a few which can be obtained through
evolving. All legends are catchable I wont say where but I will give
one location hint does the word under the Truck mean anything to you ?

5.Some mart Items Have Been Changed .You can now buy masterballs
but only at a specific mart as well as Rare candies.
The are not cheap though.

6.Several Trainers have been added from the Manga
and the Show. Example Yellow,Green,May,Ash

7.For Nuzlockers Grass has been put in cities for extra routes to catch pokemon.

8.The fishing wild pokemon encounters are changed some but not as much as
Surfing or in the grass

9.For Nuzlockers I say that any pokemon given to you doesn't count for
your catch on that route ,but you can do what you want.

10.Your Rival has different staring pokemon then you Example not actually a
starter you choose Bulbasaur he might choose Vulpix even though
your choices were bulbasaur squirtle and charmander his are diffrent.

11.Marts Sell Diffrent Items. Stock up on Pokeballs at Viridian City.

12. Dont Go into the Pallet Town Grass untill you have a pokemon or your game can
crash. (Don't Say I Didn't Warn You)

13.Since you get the National Dex You have to complete the Sevi Islands befor challenging the
Elite Four and that also means they are stronger.

All grammar errors and glitches should be reported to [email protected] thank you.

Gym Leaders
Pewter City-John Master of the Art Of Waboku
Cerulean City-Lindsey The Ice Queen of Kanto
Vermillion City-Mitchell Lover of Dogs ... Platonicly
Celedon City-Matthew What where they thinking
Saffron City-Miss Cleo Call Now! 1-555-ABRA
Fushia City-Ryan Traped in a Glass Box of Emotion
Cinnabar Island-Chris Rocks Out to Eeveeloution
Viridian City-Giovanni ???
Elite Four
Wilson-Master of Fossils
Mandalo-Evolution Choice Master
RED-Manga Master
Karen-Holy Shit is that a LV100 Pichu

New Pokemon added
Lucario-Evolve from Riolu
Litwick-Pokemon Tower
Lampent-Pokemon Tower/Evolve from Litwick
Chandelure-Pokemon Tower/Evolve form Lampent

Pokemon Evolution Changes
Poliwhirl->Politoad Using Leaf Stone
Kadabra->Alakazam level 40
Machoke->Machamp level 45
Graveler->Golem level 45
Slowbro->Slowking When Happiness is Maxed
Haunter->Gengar Level 45
Onix->Steelix level 50 if ATK<DEF
Seadra->Kingdra Using a Water Stone
Scyther->Scizor level 40 if ATK<DEF
EEVEE->Umbreon Using a Moon Stone
EEVEE->Espeon Using a Sun Stone
Vaporeon->Glaceon Using a Water Stone
Espeon->Leafeon Using a Leaf Stone
Porygon->Porygon2 Using a Thunder Stone
Feebas->Milotic When Happiness is Maxed
Clamperl->Huntail Happiness Maxed at Day
Clamperl->Gorebyss Happiness Maxed at Night
Lampent->Chandelure Using A Moon Stone

I am open to suggestions and don't mind criticism but don't be a jerk.

Tools Used:

I would put screenshots but When i put the URL it denies my post .
So I have put the screenshots In a Album on my user page.

Pia Carrot 18th February 2013 05:32 PM

Moved to Hack Workshop as thread does not meet requirements to be in showcase.

I recommend you use a site such as photobucket to upload screenshots of your hack, perhaps make your thread a little neater (I personally love using the[list] command and use[*] to make bullets)

You can also post a video link here using the [youtube] code.

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