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  1. Miksy91
    17th December 2013 08:02 AM
    Sorry, I have been ignoring you for a whole month or so :\
    Have been kinda busy, and have had other things in life to take care of, but I could have surely replied you a lot faster than I now do.

    You're right about character development. I wanted the other two to have a bigger role until the end of beta 4, but so far, they haven't done anything major. Nevertheless, I have a purpose for both of them later on and you'll even get to play as both, and know more about them and their backgrounds. *Then again, that part of the game could be easily taken out and I could even remove both of these characters by tweaking a couple of scripts if I really wanted to. But I personally find it a neat add-on so you can control both of them, and besides, I want to show "hackers" than pretty much anything is possible when a little bit of asm hacking is involved.

    A few others have also complained about the surfing sprite, but it will at least remain so that the sprite doesn't depend on the pokemon you are surfing with. That would require a ridiculous amount of new code - or not really, but still, that's not something I feel like spending my time with. The sprite could be changed to something "general" though like the surfing sprite used in R/S/E.

    Most of the coding behind the mining sidequest is finished. I haven't done the "recruiting the hikers" part yet though. It doesn't require that much hacking - rather trying to figure out dialogues for people who you try to recruit. The sidequest may not be available in beta 5 yet either since that won't be the full game either. And the key item you get by doing that sidequest, Rusty Key, won't be of any use until the hack is complete.

    I can't say I know for sure, can you use beta 4 save or not. It depends on the fact, do I have to relocate stuff in ram memory. It's a possibility that you need to start over, but I can't tell really.
  2. Miksy91
    17th November 2013 04:22 PM
    You finished it already... really ? I was more like expecting you never even tried it out, at least not yet, since you hadn't replied back and I sounded kinda selfish in my previous post.

    Good to hear you like it! What I'm wondering though is what kind of things it is lacking. Yeah, it's cool that you find it fun and overally a really good rom hack, but sounds like there is still something missing from it. If I ever finish it, you're for another big surprise though - there's a big reason for there being two people traveling alongside you. Once you reach the huge building in East-Suden (shown in the map as castle-like building), the team spreads in groups and so is your pokemon party, and you would get to control all three of them. *have actually finished the coding behind this - wasn't that difficult to achieve.

    But yeah... is there something that could be added on to it?

    If you didn't finish all 7 sidequests yet, try to get those done next. One of them is somehow associated with Battle Room (build in every pokecenter).

    Also here's another nice video you might like:

    It's mining sidequest that is already built in beta 4 but it's "unused" in it.
  3. Varion
    14th November 2013 02:05 PM

    Noivern may not be included yet, I don't want to add Gen VI Pokémon right now.
  4. Miksy91
    13th November 2013 07:42 AM
    I have tested Dark Violet and it is pretty good in every way. I'm personally a fan of unusual hacks with things you can't expect from them ("totally new world to explore with creative scripting and planning"), but you don't see that often though.

    Enough praising it, but it's a fact that DE is one of the best hacks around. Only real downside I can think of is the storyline which I wanted to be epic but couldn't implement it that well - in fact, I don't like how it has turned out. But it does have lots of unique features and things you wouldn't expect like:

    That script probably looks nice, but I can imagine you could be wondering, "Why did you spend your time creating this as it serves for no real purpose?". It's true that it doesn't serve for much, and most people won't notice it either (although there's a hint related to this girl elsewhere close to this area), but I wanted to keep myself interested during the process by trying to figure out neat things to add in every area.

    (Back to post.)

    True, but this place may easily become another PC if the staff doesn't watch it. We have many good hackers around but more and more newbies will come by over time. A good question is, will they stick around, and if so, do they bother to learn how to hack.
    There is this hacking forum, Skeetendo Inc., which is focused on gen I and II hacking. It was a good place a couple of years ago, but now, most of the posts are made by people who don't know a thing about rom hacking. There is a good chance this place will also turn out like that.. Though pokemon hacking will always be like that.
  5. Miksy91
    13th November 2013 12:22 AM
    Both my own hack (Dark Energy) and Prism are exceptionally good! I and Koolboyman (the creator of Prism) are interested in programming and coding in general and we know what we're doing. You'll be surprised at what you'll see once you test them out!

    I can't recommend any other GB/C hacks at the moment though but if you're looking for something basic, there are a few overhauls around.

    Yeah, we'll try to separate this forum from PC so that people would come here to learn instead of playing around like in PC. Some people hang around in both, but this forum is meant to be more rom hacking centered.
  6. Miksy91
    12th November 2013 02:30 PM
    Sure am!

    Your nickname seems familiar, but I can't say I would remember you (since many people tend to message me about hacking in PC). I take it you have been in contact me sometime earlier as well?
  7. Varion
    12th November 2013 09:08 AM
    Yes, pretty much.
    and thanks.

    If you can think of other sound types I haven't listed, could ya tell me?

    My list is incomplete. Dx
  8. Luna
    11th November 2013 05:58 PM
    I talked to LaZ about it and he said it was an issue with the server and he fixed it. Glad its working now.
  9. Luna
    11th November 2013 02:14 AM
    Weird that it isn't letting you post, you're listed as a registered user and not a user awaiting moderation or awaiting email notification or something. I'll talk to the other staff about it and we'll try to get it straightened out.

    Glad you enjoy the hack though. And yeah, ragecandybar is an excellent resource for the old rumours, I go there for inspiration (as well as old pages of rumours direct from the old sites that I printed out back in elementary school from the library computer, although I don't have a lot of those at this point that I can still find )
  10. Luna
    11th November 2013 12:48 AM
    Hey there. I wasn't planning to add too many creepypasta elements, because that wasn't a thing yet when the rumours it is based on were circulating. There were some creepy ones at the time involving Lavendar Town and whatnot, but I was mainly trying to focus on the old rumours from the late 90s/early 2000s, since it is supposed to be a nostalgia hack.

    I do realize though that by now a lot of the people who play hacks aren't even old enough to remember these rumours being a thing, and even the ones who are old enough will often remember rumours differently (since they were of course made up, and different rumours circulated in different areas). But I'm going to try to make it enjoyable for as many people as I can, so I will include some creepy things in there without making that the entire focus.

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