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Conversation Between Full Metal ★ and Crystal Togekiss
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  1. Crystal Togekiss
    31st October 2014 01:57 AM
    Crystal Togekiss
    True dat.
  2. Full Metal ★
    31st October 2014 01:48 AM
    Full Metal ★
    You lost when you made eye contact with Fennekin and dared to think.
  3. Crystal Togekiss
    31st October 2014 01:44 AM
    Crystal Togekiss
    I think I just lost.
  4. Full Metal ★
    31st October 2014 01:41 AM
    Full Metal ★
  5. Crystal Togekiss
    30th October 2014 09:17 PM
    Crystal Togekiss
  6. Full Metal ★
    30th October 2014 03:09 PM
    Full Metal ★
    I summon my minions to slaughter the brothers.
  7. Crystal Togekiss
    30th October 2014 05:25 AM
    Crystal Togekiss
    I summon the might of the Pichu Brothers!

    Everyone knows that water beats fire!
  8. Full Metal ★
    30th October 2014 05:21 AM
    Full Metal ★
    I cannot be stopped.
  9. Crystal Togekiss
    29th October 2014 11:11 PM
    Crystal Togekiss
    Oh noes! I must stop you! But... In order to do that, I'd have to stop watching that cute little bugger. Damn you!
  10. Full Metal ★
    29th October 2014 11:10 PM
    Full Metal ★
    It's my plot to rule the world. Eventually it's gaze will capture all minds, leaving me and my hands to sow the seeds of fascism.

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